—  習築、憶往


An autobiography

2007 年出版的《習築、憶往》是陳邁先生的自傳,從十九歲離開上海說起。1949 年,光復初期的台灣,對一個高中畢業的流亡學生而言,求職不易。歷經數年鍥而不捨的奮鬥,終於得以進入成大建築系,接受正規專業教育。基於對建築的熱愛和使命感,讓陳邁先生在發揮設計長才之外,亦從建築教育與建築改革著手,集合眾人之力,克服許多障礙,期許改善整個建築的大環境,因而使他成為建築界的精神導師。

Published in 2007, Mei Cheng’s memoir “習築憶往” details his life challenges, including leaving his hometown of Shanghai at the age of 19, escaping to Taiwan in 1949, and the long and arduous road to becoming an architect. His undying passion for architecture, education and reforms, and his will power to overcome obstacles led him to become a spiritual leader in the field of architecture in Taiwan.